Terms & Conditions

By placing a reservation, you agree to all terms and conditions as follows:


Airport Transfer: Please call from Baggage Claim Level for curbside pick-up. Airport regulations require Livery vehicles to remain in a staging area until their Passenger is ready to depart. Vehicles are not allowed to illegally park at the terminals. If Airport Security directs the Chauffeur to leave and circle the terminals again, the arrival of your vehicle will be delayed and additional charges will apply.

Luggage: Luggage capacity is based on standard size bags. To ensure a safe, comfortable ride, please inform us if you are traveling with any irregular luggage sizes or packages at the time the reservations are placed. Luggage must be safely secured in a closed trunk/luggage compartment for services to be rendered. Please note that the Chauffeurs will pick-up luggage from your door or building entryway. [The City of Chicago has banned limousines from parking on City streets and therefor the vehicle cannot be left unattended.]

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations require two (2) hour advance notice. [48 hour notice for Limousines and Sprinters]. We are not responsible for passenger flights which are missed, cancelled, diverted or any other incident which results in failure to comply with the cancellation policy. A service fee (base rate and booking fee) will be charged for any cancellations after the required notice time. Amm’s is not responsible for delays caused by weather, traffic conditions, mechanical problems, airlines and/or airport problems, automobile accidents caused by others or an act of God.

Fail to Show Policy: If we have not heard from the Passenger (or are unable to contact the person who placed the reservation) within 10 minutes of scheduled pick-up time, we will call the Requester and/or Passenger phone number(s) listed in the reservation. If there is no answer we will leave a message. Vehicles will be released at the discretion of the Amm’s Dispatcher and a service fee (Base rate and STF Surcharge) will be charged to the guaranteeing credit card or direct bill account. Amm’s is not responsible if we are unable contact the Passenger at the phone number(s) provided.

Fail to Show Service fee will also apply if Passenger fails to contact our office if they are unable to locate their vehicle. For pick-ups at locations other than a residence, parking restrictions may prohibit Amm’s vehicles from waiting at front entrances. For that reason, we ask that you call Amm’s at 847-446-5148 or 773-792-1126, at your scheduled pick-up time so that we may provide you with the vehicles description and plate number. Amm’s Dispatchers will instruct the Chauffeur to proceed to your location. In highly restricted areas, we will advise Traveler where the Chauffeur is waiting.

Wait Time Policies: Following a ten (10) minute grace period, wait time charges will accrue. This applies to waiting at the pick-up location and additional stops longer than 10 minutes. Amm’s monitors all commercial airline arrivals. A 60 minute grace period is allowed on all domestic arrivals and 90 minutes on all international arrivals after which wait time charges will accrue.

Payment Terms: A valid credit card is required to hold a reservation. If, for any reason, the guaranteeing credit card is not able to be charged, customer agrees to pay for the cost of service within seven days from the reservation date. Customer agrees to pay for any collection expenses and/or attorney fees and costs associated with Amm’s collection efforts.

Do not pay in cash to the driver unless that cash payment was prearranged by you. (Cash gratuity, at Customer’s discretion, is permitted.)

Reservation Terms and Conditions:

  • Please review Reservation details for accuracy. Information is considered true and accurate unless otherwise corrected by notifying us.
  • Do not make any future or immediate reservations thru the driver. Always call the office directly to arrange upcoming trips.
  • Requests for a preferred Driver(s) will be honored but are not guaranteed.
  • Requests for service with less than 24-hour notice is subject to availability.


  • Safety first at all times. Please note that Amm’s adheres to State of Illinois Statutes including but not limited to:
    Liquor Control Act. [235 ILCS 5] relating to distribution of Liquor and Transportation or possession of alcoholic liquor in a motor vehicle. Drinking alcoholic beverages is only allowed in the Limousines and Sprinters that have privacy partitions. Amm’s does not provide liquor. Under age drinking is strictly prohibited.
  • Public Health: [410 ILCS 82] Smoke Free Illinois Act. Smoking is not allowed in public vehicles.
    Child Passenger Protection Act [625 ILCS 25] regarding safety seats and seat belts. Children must be safely secured in accordance with Illinois laws. Child safety seats must be installed by the adult Traveler responsible for minor passengers. Amm’s does not provide child safety seats, however, for round trip airport service, we will store your car-seat at our office for a fee.
  • Adult Seat Belts [Section 12-603.1] In accordance with the Illinois Vehicle Code relating to seat belts Amm’s Chauffeurs wear seat belts and it is recommended that adult travelers would likewise travel with their seat-belts fastened. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  • Vehicle capacity is strictly limited to the number of seat-belts in each particular vehicle.
    Road Conditions. Amm’s is not responsible for delayed travel time due to unforeseen weather, traffic, road conditions (e.g. un-plowed roads during the winter, accidents, etc.) or any other delays that are beyond our control.
  • Custodial Fees: The client assumes full financial liability the costs incurred by Amm’s for any damage to the interior or exterior of a vehicle and/or excessive cleaning costs. Client authorizes Amm’s to charge the guaranteeing credit card for such expenses regardless and in addition to any prior understandings or agreements.
    Amm’s is NOT responsible for any unattended, forgotten, left, lost, damaged or stolen articles in the vehicle at any time.
  • Amm’s Safety Policies and Procedures will be enforced at the time of service. Please govern yourself accordingly.

Effective 03.01.15. Subject to change without notice.

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