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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to wait for my car to arrive at O’hare and Midway Airports?
Please understand that Chicago Airport security regulations for curbside pick-ups require all livery vehicles to remain in a staging area until their Passenger is ready to depart. Vehicles are strictly prohibited from waiting at the Terminals. If Airport Security* directs the Chauffeur to leave, the arrival of your vehicle will be delayed and additional charges will apply.

This notice has been posted at the Airports: *Per Airport Security: Effective January 5, 2015, the “Zero Dwell Time” rule will be enforced at all terminals.  Any prearranged vehicle not actively loading will be required to leave the terminal. Failure to do so will result in ticket.

Due to heavy traffic on Thursday evenings, it may take longer than 15 minutes for the Chauffeur to arrive as the assigned door. Dispatchers will inform you if this occurs.

What is the STF Surcharge?

The STF Surcharge (Surface Transportation Fee) was added to our rates in April, 2013 to help offset increases in auto and workers comp insurance premiums, rising Municipal and State fees imposed on our industry, the purchase of new vehicles for our fleet and the implementation of new technology (website, on-line reservation system). We chose to add this as a separate line item rather than add it into the base rate so that it would not increase the customer’s percentage gratuity preference and the gas surcharge, if applicable. 

Why am I asked for my Gratuity Preference when placing a reservation?
Amm’s does not impose a set gratuity. Most of our customers choose to have a prearranged gratuity so that they are not bothered with using and signing the Chauffeur’s iPad at the time of service. Initially, when we stopped using the paper receipt system, we bought the iPads to provide our Customers with options. Customers who preferred to decide the amount of gratuity at the time of service would have the means to do so.

Since that time, there are new safety laws being enforced regarding “hands free” driving and the use of communication devices of any type while driving, and a “Zero Dwell Time” rule is being enforced by Airport Security at the terminals. For those reasons, we are asking our customers to provide a gratuity preference when placing their reservations. Your preference may be a percentage, a fixed dollar amount or a cash gratuity and it will be noted on your Customer Profile and show on your Trip Confirmations so that you are not asked repeatedly each time you call. Gratuity is discretionary. Customers have the right to call our office and change or eliminate gratuity as they deem appropriate. Thank you for your help with this subject. We would like to eliminate using the iPads for data entry at the time of service. They Chauffeurs will be using iPads for trip information, GPS and communication with Amm’s Dispatchers.

Why does it take so long to get my Receipt?
After services are rendered, trip costs are reviewed by our Accounting Department for accuracy prior to charging customers’ credit cards. Receipts are currently generated in approximately 48 hours. Our goal is to have Receipts emailed on the date of service but credit card security is an important subject and only properly trained, authorized Accounting Department personnel are allowed access to the credit card data base at this time. (Please note that if you have a Direct Bill Account as a form of payment, Statements and Invoices are submitted to customers monthly.)
Why can’t I pay the Chauffeur with my credit card at the time of service?
Once again, credit card security and PCI compliance is an important subject. We do not allow Chauffeur’s to accept credit cards at the time of service nor are they allowed to view to customer credit card information. Credit card numbers are initially entered into our database by a Reservationist. Thereafter, “masked” credit card numbers are only viewed by Amm’s in-house Accounting Department personnel. In the event you would like to change the credit card you provided when your trip was placed, please call Amm’s, 773-792-1192, and do so personally and not via the Chauffeur.

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